Whitney's Making A Comeback, & Kelis Has Been Here For Years

Reports are claiming that J Records founder, Clive Davis has officially confirmed that he is working with Whitney Houston on a comeback album that should begin recording in early March/April 2007. Clive Davis was the first to sign Whitney as a teenager, and he still believes in her talent. I can't say I blame him. Whitney's voice in its prime easily takes a squat on the whole R&B game right now.
Enough said.
Click HERE to read Clive Davis’ interview about Whitney’s comeback.

This evening, I'm looking around to find video footage of Kelis' video for the new single, "Blindfold Me" which premiered on BET earlier tonight, and of course I can't find it anywhere. What I did stumble across though, is this live footage of her performing "Get Along With You", a single from her first album. For all the naysayers that think Kelis can't hold a tune in a bucket, maybe this clip will give you another perspective of her milkshake...

Right around 03:00 she puts a little funk on it. Not bad.

Update: 09/07/06 New Video: Kelis - "Blindfold Me"

This song is off the charts, love it.