"B'Day" Approaches

Beyonce attended a press conference to promote her new album "B'Day" in Tokyo, Japan today.

Loving the locks.

Just two days before the album drops people,
and we can BET she shuts down the game and reigns the top of the charts for a few weeks.
Whether you like it or not.

Speaking of B, pictures and comparisons of her MTV VMA performance are circling the web and insinuating that her performance was entirely contrived from Britney Spears' 2003 VMA performance. Yes, there are obvious similarities and it's clear that her choreographer and/or stylist was "inspired" by Britney's performance & costume, but who cares?! Every great idea draws its inspiration from somewhere! So whether she's an imitator or not is unimportant - to me anyway. The real question to me, is which of the two owned the performance...

You know my answer is, B!
This nonsense does give me the giggles though.
Who'd have thought it was cool to swipe moves from Britney? ;)

Don King
hosted the "Showtime Championship Boxing 'No Risk, No Reward' Tailgate Party" yesterday.

It was about time he minimized the 'do'.

Stop it.

Halle Berry's former beau, Michael Ealy attended.
Lovely. ;)

Black Eyed Peas
performed in concert Friday in Atlantic City.

Fergie was just one step over the top, as always.
I guess that's why her fans love her though.


Shake it, don't break it.

Brad Pitt
, with results in hand Thursday announced the winner of his "Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans". Pitt created the program to aid Hurricane Katrina Victims.

Brad gets major points for the love.

**Share a little love, and have a little fun this weekend. Be safe people!**