Mya, Jo-Jo, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson Caught Out There

I've been hearing that Jessica Simpson temporarily lost her voice, and from the looks of this "I Lost My Voice" sign nonsense I guess the rumors are true. Just when the album drops, you lose your voice. She's got to be sick about that.

This Forever21 special she's wearing is hardly suitable for any occasion.

Rihanna appeared for the "Sirius Gifting Suites" at the W Hotel in Times Square today.

Cute glasses.

Mya & JoJo
celebrated the release of their upcoming albums at Sephora in New York yesterday.

Ya better recognize, that little teeny bopper JoJo (16yrs old) could give Christina Aguilera the shivers. Yes, her image needs a little fine tuning, and I'm still not a fan, but I must give props when due.

Mya's makeup is flawless.
The boots are HAUTE!

and her sis got snapped by the paparazzi on the streets of Manhattan today. What I do know is that Jessica's hair is inspiring me to rock a ponytail for the rest of the summer. Nice.

Her sis, Crashlee wasn't far behind.

Jessica Alba
smiles for the cameras as she leaves Melrose Blvd. in Los Angeles yesterday after a facial.