Meet 'em at the VMA's, It's Going Down

This year's MTV Video Music Awards brought out all kinds of fabulosity, and of course a little lunacy wasn't too far behind. Definitely want to check it out. I hear Beyonce' is performing 'Ring the Alarm'. Can't wait to see how the performance blows over.

Bee wouldn't dare step onto a red carpet without the princess wave.
High five to her hair & makeup team. Very nice.

Ok, I already know my sanity is going to be questioned.
But, at first glance I was hating on this look JLO rocked.
But then... started to look real fly.
I'd rock this all day. Please believe.

Awww, can't you just feel the love?

Ummm, LaLa?

Paris stop right there.
I understand what you were trying to do, but NO.

I'm borderline on Monica's look.
Something ain't right but I can't figure it out.
Definitely don't like the locks blonde,.

She did bring a very cute dog.

dress didn't do it for me.
But the shoes are super hot!

Tyrese & Method Man

Run & the fam came out. Just lovely.

Christina Aguilera came to shine.

Jessica Simpson is looking much better.
Great hair.

This works for Pink. I likes.

Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brook Hogan.
If she ain't her father's daughter.

Danity Kane was there. I'm still not getting the hype.

If that ain't a happy man.

Shakira & Fergie

I need some answers Ferg