Janet Jackson FHM Magazine & Idlewild

Ms. Jackson (if she's nasty right? well?) graces the cover of FHM magazine this month, and her body is ridiculously perfect and on point, as always. Photoshop is a saviour. Can't hate though, the woman is STILL 40 and making it do what it do.

Fab cover...
She STAYS representing for JD with the infamous belly button ring she rocks religiously.

If you care, Janet stated in an interview recently that she will pose "provocatively" until she's 80yrs old. I don't know if the fans are ready for all that, but hey. Photoshop will have some pretty sick upgrades by then, she can probably work it until she's 80 if she damn well pleases. Just not sure why she'd want to. Moving on.

Does It For Me

I had the chance to see Idlewild last night, and I can't tell you how much I loved it. The movie's solid plot, coupled with its Hip-Hop & Jazz elements makes the perfect stage for a thought inducing, action filled, well-rounded masterpiece. I must say though, I'm a long time Outkast fan, & love everything they put out no matter what it is so I may be a little bias - but I think this movie is a first of it's kind. Not quite a musical, and not quite "just a movie". I was pleasantly surprised that they used much of the music from the, "Love Below" album, but they had plenty of new music as well. I need the soundtrack asap, and I'll be adding the movie to my collection as soon as it's out on DVD. Check it.