Foxy Brown & Miss Jones Go For Broke

Some of the newest gossip around the way today may not be news worthy, but is definitely good for a chuckle...

Apparently Foxy Brown kept it realer than real in court yesterday, and told the judge that she sure as h*ll DID whoop on a manucurist for not getting her bill right last year. She allegedly left the courtroom only to return moments later to plead some sort of duress for making that statement. I guess Chappelle would call that, "...when keepin' it real goes wrong."

Check the full story from NewsDay, HERE.

I guess the second-thoughts came after she remembered she's got to keep the guilty pleadings to a minimum since she's facing NEW charges after her shoplifting fiasco in a trendy NYC Soho district boutique last Thursday. Why you gon go and do that ma, huh? (click for details from SOHH)

Silly rabbit.

Miss Jones of radio station "Hot 97" in New York has been suspended once AGAIN for acting like less than the bigger woman, and this time getting ignorant with Beyonce's mom before they were to commence an interview at the station. There's some obvious bad blood, since Miss Jones has a history of dislike for the Knowles' - which they're clearly aware of. As the story goes, Beyonce' and her mom weren't even there to interview with Miss Jones, but when they somehow crossed paths mama Knowles made a curt comment that didn't go unanswered. Miss Jones called herself spitting a little mama joke, and now she's suspended. I personally can't respect Miss Jones' style, because frankly the girl has no tact, and is the epitome of a hater if I've ever heard of one. Jealousy and hatred is a disease, so my "Get Well" wishes go out to that Miss J.

Click HERE for details, and the audio from the radio station.