Remy Ma Nonsense & More...

Remy Ma and countless others came out for yet ANOTHER screening of "Idlewild" hosted by Volkswagon and Outkast in New York City today. She makes me want to snatch back my fan status wearing these bangs.

Carl Thomas & Donnell Rawlings (from Chappelle's Show) were there.

Busta seemed to be having fun with some fans.

Tyson Beckford was there with Darrin Henson. Wonder what Darrin has been up to since "Darrin's Dance Grooves".

Rihanna's New Single "Happy"

Rihanna's filming a new video for her newest single, "Happy". Cute shirt.

Quincy Jones Has A New Girl

Quincy appears to be courting an Egyptian fashion designer, named Heba Elawadilove whom is younger than his own daughter, Kidada. I've never heard of Heba's clothing line, but the young designer is reportedly 19yrs old. Random pic you think? Check out the pick of the two together at a recent event they attended below.

Mariah On Tour

Mimi kicked off the show yesterday with some friends.
Diddy graced the stage...

Jay-Z performed with her. This lingerie look is killin me.

Sean Paul performed.

I hope Mimi did what any good hostess would do, and serve syrup with those pancakes. I know better than anyone, if you ain't got it, not to flaunt it. Accentuate ma, accentuate.